Wednesday, March 3, 2010

2010 Mechanics Manual Changes

Date: March 1, 2010

The following are the major changes approved by the 2010 NFHS Football Officials Manual Committee for the 2010 and 2011
high school football seasons:

1. The Five-Man Mechanics come before the Four-Man Mechanics in the NFHS Football Officials Manual.

2. By state association adoption, officials have the choice of wearing white or black officiating shorts. The entire crew shall be dressed alike.

3. By state association adoption, foul weather, full length, lined black pants with a single 1 ¼ inch white stripe down each leg may be worn in place of the standard, all-white tapered knickers if worn by the entire crew.

4. The Back Judge shall carry two different color bean bags; one for marking the end of the kick and one for marking first touching.

5. The Back Judge and Line Judge bring approved game ball from each team to the coin-toss if footballs are being run off of both sidelines.

6. The Referee’s normal starting position be moved to one that is visible to the clock operator, approximately 10- yards deep and 5-yards wide of the huddle when marking the ball ready-for-play on scrimmage downs.

7. The Line Judge temporarily move to nine-yard marks (top of the numbers), as receiving team is lining up for a free kick. (Four-Man Mechanics)

8. The Referee’s scrimmage kick position be adjusted to 3-5 yards outside the tight end and 2-3 yards behind the kicker, on line judge’s side of the field.

9. If the football falls or blows off tee just prior to free kick, Back Judge sounds whistle to prevent action and moves to kicker to give instructions.

10. The Back Judge assists with relay of the football in side zone from wing official to Umpire.

11. The Referee’s position changed to 3-5 yards outside the tight end and 2-3 yards behind the kicker, on kicking-leg side on scrimmage kicks.

12. The Back Judge’s position changed to 10-12 yards wider than and 2-3 yards behind the deepest receiver on linesman’s side of field on scrimmage kicks.

13. The Referee’s position changed to 2-3 yards to rear and 3-5 yards to side of potential kicker, facing holder and able to see holder receive the football on
field goal attempts or trys.

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